Dangers of aloe vera juice. Contraindications and precautions


Despite being one of the most useful plants in the world which treats many diseases there are some dangers of aloe vera juice you should know before taking this beverage. Here is the list of the contraindications for using this product.

1. Pregnancy. Doctors don’t recommend pregnant women taking any preparations with aloe on their own and do it only after the consultation with their physician. This fact can be explained with a high a pharmacological activity of the plant and a high amount of various substances whose effect has not been studied properly.
2. Any severe disease. You are forbidden to drink this beverage when your disease is in the period of aggravation.
3. When your general health condition is bad or you suffer from the combination of various diseases.
4. Chronic cardio-vascular diseases with the signs of decompensation.
5. Liver and kidney affections.
6. Your diagnosis is unclear.
7. A very bad allergic reaction of the organism.
8. Your organism is extremely exhausted after prolonged severe disease.
9. Uterine bleeding. This liquid has a property of increasing the blood circulation in the organism and may intensify blood flow to the pelvis.

On the same score this beverage is contra-indicated during menstruation since it can cause intensive bleeding.

If you want to start using aloe vera juice by yourself you should remember about the following precautionary measures.

1. You should follow the dosage pointed in the recipe. It’s no use exceeding it trying to get fast results.
2. It’s better to start treatment with aloe on the early stage of a disease when the organism doesn’t suffer from severe affections.
3. All the products made from this plant contain biologically active components getting into interaction with the human body. They include first of all the vitamins which activate metabolic processes. However, vitamin A, O, E, K (fat-soluble vitamins) tend to accumulate in the body which can cause hypervitaminosis.
4. Vitamins C, P, PP and B-group are considered water soluble. They never cumulate in the body. However, any excess of vitamins can cause various adverse reactions: allergy, violation of metabolic processes, kidney dysfunction, irritation of the mucous membrane of the gastro-intestinal tract. Therefore it is necessary to follow the dosage. In case you use aloe vera juice with any other multivitamin preparations, you need control the amount of the vitamins you consume (preferably with the help of your doctor).
5. You should avoid prolonged and uncontrolled usage of this product.
6. If you suffer from any chronic diseases or you have ever experienced any allergic reactions, in order to avoid undesirable effect consult with your doctor about the expediency of aloe vera juice drinking.
7. If you want to avoid irritation of mucous membrane of the stomach, aloe juice or gel should be taken during meals with plenty of water. In case you forget to take your portion in time, never double the next one.
8. It’s always better to take aloe juice only in the diluted form. Its ratio with boiled water equals 1:1.
9. The juice should be kept out of reach of children. Thus, aloe is proved to be a highly effective natural remedy, which succeeds in treatment of various diseases. But you’d better never forget about contraindications and precautions, especially if you are going to use this remedy on your own.

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  1. Un4given says:

    It’s hard to believe that there are so many side effects from a natural remedy! Well on the other hand, it proves that its a powerful medicinal plant. I guess if you don’t exceed the recommended dosage and follow some recommendations (like not taking aloe vera during pregnancy) then you’ll experience only benefits without any side effects.

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