How to use aloe vera juice during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Aloe vera juice is considered a very healthy drink which is always advised to include into the diet of both children and adults. What are the benefits of this drink? Does it have any side-effects? How should women use aloe vera juice during pregnancy? We will try to answer all this questions in our article.

This medicinal plant contains more than 200 different nutrients, giving a good support to our health. First of all it concerns the immune system, which is filled with all the necessary nutrients.

The healing liquid of this plant also includes 18 amino acids, which are directly connected with the cell regeneration and which are not generated by human organism. Folic acid, which is recommended to all women planning pregnancy is abundant in this beverage.

It also has 12 vitamins, including vitamin B12. This vitamin can be found only in proteins of animal origin. Drinking aloe vera juice you get the only exclusively natural vegetable form of B12. This vitamin is often prescribed as injections to increase the body resistance to various diseases.
This drink is also appreciated for 20 minerals playing the role of catalysts in our body. When our diet lacks the necessary minerals our body will not function effectively. When you feel fatigue, headache or pain in the joints and muscles these are the first signals that our body does not have enough minerals.

The most positive results of the impact of aloe vera juice, satisfying customers, are coping with digestive disorders. This drink is advisable in chronic gastritis, accompanied by constipation, stomach ulcer, dysentery and to increase the body resistance to infectious diseases.
This beverage shows excellent results in solving problems with the skin (psoriasis, eczema). It is also very helpful for arthritis and asthma, rheumatism, allergic diseases. The positive influence of this product is so vast and varied that it is not surprising that the plant was called “the magic plant”.

Does this medicinal drink have any contraindications?

It is not recommended drinking aloe vera juice for people having severe diseases, especially in the period of the aggravation, and also when there is a combination of multiple diseases. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use aloe in acute cholecystitis, because the gallbladder is very sensitive to vegetable components, especially in the period of acute diseases. Any drugs including aloe shouldn’t be used in the exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids. These oral medications may cause abundant blood vessels of the rectum and cause the appearance of varicose nodes and hemorrhoid bleeding. On the contrary many people, knowing about the laxative effect of this plant, starting to take this medicine in hemorrhoids, trying to ensure liquid stool, but instead of it they only increase bleeding.

How should women use aloe during pregnancy?

The opinions on the use of this beverage in the period of pregnancy are various, however, most researchers agree on the fact that pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using aloe. There is a possibility of some dangerous side effects like vomiting, cramps, nausea or uterine contractions. Moreover this liquid can cause lowering electrolyte level in the organism. Breastfeeding women ought to be careful with this beverage since aloe can pass through milk to the baby. This liquid is too harsh for the digestive system of babies. That’s why it’s better not to use it without doctor’s advice.

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  1. TheSpecialist says:

    It’s better not to take risks and avoid taking any medicinal plants during pregnancy without consulting a doctor. There are many other sources of vitamins and nutrients that are not dangerous for pregnant women, like fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements etc.

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