Traditional Medicine. Aloe Vera for Acne Scars

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Almost all people have ever suffered from acne but teenagers feel real psychological suffering when they have any problems with their looks. This problem can be solved, but not everyone is aware what should be done. One of the most effective remedy for curing skin problems is considered aloe vera. Of course, we can’t claim that the treatment of acne with aloe gives a guaranteed result, it would be not true. Only integrated approach to the treatment of acne can be really effective. A great number of skin problems are caused by bad metabolism and the restructuring of the endocrine system of the body. Without a diet balanced in fats, proteins and carbohydrates the treatment of acne is just useless. Excessive consumption of fatty foods leads to disorders of the sebaceous glands, which is the cause of the formation of ulcers. Therefore, treatment of acne it is necessary to start with a visit to the endocrinologist, who will determine the condition of the organism, will recommend an optimal diet.

The formation of pimples is caused not only by the excess fat in the body, but also its presence in the products for skin care. Oil and fatty basis creams, rubbed in the skin, finally clog the pores, provoking the beginning of inflammation which leads to the formation of pimples. Change the balance of the skin fat can happen because of antibiotics, hormone preparations and other means on a chemical basis. These shortcomings are cured with the means of traditional medicine, so aloe vera for acne scars has been used for several centuries.

Why did this plant attract attention of manufacturers of cosmetics and medicines? The presence of soft natural antibiotic in aloe juice relieves inflammation, cleanses the skin, moisturizes it. Under the influence of a whole set of nutrients, also contained in this medicinal plant, the skin begins to restore its protective properties.

The ways of aloe vera use to fight acne

We can call many ways of application of aloe for curing acne. It depends on your skin condition. You can do the preventive rubbing on the zones that are most affected by acne, do cauterization or apply a mask. Before reading these recipes of traditional medicine, it is necessary to note, that the plant should be your constant companion in the care of the skin. When we talk about the comprehensive approach, we mean the regularity of using aloe juice for skin care. Although this concerns, first of all, women, self-respecting man should also get used to using this natural remedy.

Mask with aloe vera for acne scars

So, this mask is used to relieve inflammation and promotes healing of acne scars. You need aloe vera juice (you can extract if from a leave of the plant of purchase in the shop). Add the egg whites and a quarter of a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply the mixture on the face in several layers, excluding the eyes. 15 minutes is enough to keep this mask on the face. Then wash your face with cool water and gently pat the face with a paper napkin. Never apply a fresh leave of this plant (only juice) on the face, otherwise skin burn is almost inevitable.

Aloe juice for acne

It is very helpful to mix aloe juice with water or vodka. In the first case, the finely chopped leaves are poured with five parts of water, and draw for one hour. Then the mixture is boiled for 2 minutes, cooled, and used for washing. Men are recommended to use a mixture of 5 drops of aloe juice and 10 drops of vodka. Do not apply this remedy for bleeding wounds. If you regularly wipe acne with aloe juice, it will help get rid of scars or prevent their formation.

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  1. Reverend says:

    I don’t know if aloe vera helps for acne scars but now I see that it works very well for acne itself. I apply aloe vera gel on my face every day for a couple of weeks and I have less has become clearer and less oily. Though I’ve heard that it’s good for dry skin as well.

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